Sunday, 18 September 2011

A typical day?

How often have we read messages from friends or family about things that have happened during the a normal day that was definitely not predicted? My friend Kathy from the UK  often posts the funniest stories of mishaps that occur from Howard almost blowing up the garden shed while he and Grace do their science experiments or in one day Faith cutting her own fringe and Grace changing her password and then forgetting what the new one is. 

My comment to her was a typical day......but it isn't. If we all put together our own personal little mishaps in one place imagine the smiles we could make of peoples faces when they read especially if their child has just done something unbelievable that they are convinced that no other child has ever done or that no other mother has ever experienced?

I remember Roxanne when she was about 2 years old and ate a handful of rattex pellets.....twice.....can you imagine what the doctors thought of me the second time we rushed to emergency rooms? Also my brother cutting my hair off when I was a little girl. My brother and our cousin painting my uncles brand new landrover with enamel green paint. etc etc.

All in a typical day of being a mom.

So I encourage all of you who have had a typical day change course by something hilarous, strange, scary, unbelievable......share with us let us laugh with you, cry with you and unburden ourselves.

God bless

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