Monday, 18 June 2012


Fikile....wonderful dedicated mother

This is Fikile she is the mom of Phindie and Phindile...the twins I have messaged about before. Phindile is the little one who is having glasses fitted to try and rectify her very severe squint.

 Fikile is HIV positive and I have her permission to publish her photo and her story. Her CD4 count is below 300 which is terminal. She gets a monthly grant from the government of R560 which is US$73 PER MONTH.

This is the only income she has. The father of her children threw a lit paraffin stove at her when she confronted him about the fact that she had tested positive for HIV - he had never disclosed his status to her....her burns landed her in hospital while pregnant with her twin girls. He is in jail serving a 5 year sentence. She has tried to find work but struggles due to her scars - people turn her away. She is dedicated to her two little girls and does not eat unless they have eaten - she does not take her ARV's as she does not eat often enough and the doctors have told her not to take the medication unless she has eaten. This is one of the stories from our school....she has asked me if she can come and work for me so that when she dies I can look after her twin daughters - who do not carry the HIVirus - Praise God. I am not able to employ her as I have folk working for me already. 
Phindie & Phindile with their new blankets
The reality of being poor - unsupported - uncared for by a social system that is falling apart - this is just one story - there are 100's more. Please pray for this family that somehow we are able to help her with monthly food parcels, clothing for the children and her and their basic needs. Thank you.

If you would like in any way to support them even if it is a written message to Fikile that I will give to her - please do so and God bless you as you hopefully remember them in your prayers. Our PayPal account button is published on the BLOG. Thank you....


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    1. Thank you and God bless you and your family

  2. Stopping by to say "thank you" for your very sweet comment on my blog. So glad I did. I love your heart in these posts. Blessings!

  3. oh wow. I've said a prayer for this sweet family and you. May God bless you and all you are doing.

  4. Hi Noeline - This family is blessed by you and in your involvement you are showing them Christ. I too lift them up in prayer. I pray their circumstances change radically.
    God bless