Wednesday, 23 May 2012


We are constantly hearing sermons about "End Times" and the coming of Christ, warned about the "anti-christ". So much music being written today is so full of hatred, deceit, and being accepted by our children as "cool" "great beat", "don't worry mom it is just music," "get with the times, it is today's music" etc etc.

In a previous blog I wrote after attending a funeral of a very loved lady - I asked the question about making sure you do not wait for a funeral to let the person you love know how much you love them, how much you are amazed by them, how proud you are of them, etc.

Now my question is what are you doing about "End Times"? Are you preparing your life for it, and are you doing enough about your family to prepare them for the time Christ returns? Are you serious about reconciling with estranged family? My sister and I with our 2 brothers are in a time of enormous hurt. She is not speaking to any of us due to a misunderstanding that I do not actually understand however she is determined not to allow any form of reconciliation at all. My heart is broken, I have tried everything I can to try and understand her comments, have asked her to forgive me if I am the cause of her pain (that she says she is feeling), begged her to allow reconciliation before it is too late. But she is determined to remain silent, distant, hurt.

I ask you what you are doing and I am in a crisis of my own. So I have to ask myself the same question.

We are called to the Great Commission - with time shortening each day - are we making an impact on our world?

IMAGINE IF IN ONE DAY - EVERY PERSON OF THE WORLD SMILED AT SOMEONE THEY DID NOT KNOW. WHAT A HAPPY DAY THAT WOULD BE - and who knows it may open a door to be able to minister to that person. Will you take the challenge and smile at someone you do not know, and see if it allows for you to say hello as well, to tell them your story, to tell them the story of the love of Christ.



  1. Hi Noeline - I can relate to your relationship with your sister as we are going through something similar. In the beginning I tried everything in MY power to clear it up but I believe God told me to leave it alone and let Him work in their hearts. Despite my frustration at not having relationship restored, all i can do is pray. There is a scripture Prov 23v9: Speak not in the hearing of a fool; for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.
    A bit harsh but our words fall on deaf ears if they don't want to hear. Sorry so long winded :)
    Use every effort to make an impact for God anyway
    God bless and great post

  2. Thank you my blessEd friend. This is not BLESSED as in you have a blessing on you it is BlessED emphasis on the I making sense - you are a blessing to me...oh man - hope you understand....It is all so hurtful as I have always been her "place" when she needed a breathing space from her life, situation, family, needed an ear, a shoulder, etc, she has disowned us all and she is the one with no sister or brothers yet the three of us are all still a family unit. She has chosen her FB and BBM 'family' over us. Now I am accused of being a bulldozer, etc. Wow .... but God has to restore this - I can't and I have to hand it over. I just hate the wasted days and pray that reconciliation comes before it is too late. IF ONLY's are terrible to live with.

  3. Hi Noeline,

    Relationships can bring us joy and heartbreak; we can't let a day pass without sharing our love and gratitude to those loved ones in our lives, but a hard heart is difficult to overcome! Many times I have prayed for God to soften a heart, and know that I just have to give it to Him and trust His perfect plan.

    Praying for your families relationship and your heart to be healed!
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Hi Noeline,

    What a great question? I tend to think of the 30 days to live challenge, if I knew I had 30 days to live what would I do or say. In this season of life that question has been on my heart once again. God defines the really important look to Him in prayers for all your love ones and He will work on their hearts.

    Will be praying for you and looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Keep Choosing
    Eileen Leacock